How To Trigger Attraction in a Woman

-by Rion Williams

Many men wonder how they can get beautiful, interesting women attracted to them as fast as possible.

We all know that when a woman is interested, everything is much easier.

After all, she IS the path to sex and it's her level of interest that matters.

The faster that you can generate an attraction response in her, the easier it will be to take things to the next level.

In today's fast-paced day and age you may just not have all kinds of time to keep talking to a woman you just met. You'd want to be able to create attraction as fast as possible in any circumstance so that you can take advantage of many new opportunities.

So in order to make that happen you would want to be that man at all times who is closest to triggering their attraction response nonverbally; without having to use words.

Words take time. Words can get in the way. So the fastest way to raise their attraction and pique their interest is to be a man of high character who remains relationally independent to her power.

That means getting them attracted before you even speak to them just from your body language.

This is what I have found to work wonders. If I can get women giving me nonverbal signals (what I call 's.o.n.a.r.'), then it's easy to go in and chat for a minute, exchange info and leave about my business.

A lot of guys focus on getting phone numbers and get flakes while I focus on naturally raising her attraction for me as much as possible so that she wants to take it further somehow.

Exchanging information is easy when she has enough interest and attraction to you. Sometimes I get their phone number, email or myspace address. Sometimes I give mine out and tell them to get a hold of me. Sometimes they'll go with me for the rest of the night.

Being able to always be at the point where women will respond to you the most makes everything a lot easier.

This way you don't have to do too much work.

Being relationally independent opens all kinds of doors for you that just weren't there before. You don't ever have to act like a court jester or trying to impress women.

Oftentimes they'll just approach you or hover near you until you speak to them when you're relationally independent and not thrown off by their power or beauty.

The problem is that most guys are thrown off by the power and energy of these desired women. That's why they can't get the women interested in them within the first three minutes if ever.

Why? Because his true relationship to her was told and it's repelling her away from him instead of attracting her towards him. This is because he is in the social relational dynamic of her as the stimulus and him as the response. She senses this loss of power in him and will
avoid creating a connection with him.

For those men that always remain in the natural dynamic, they have women interested and attracted in them. The man remains the stimulus for all women to respond to because he is relationally independent of her power, sexiness and social status.

Within two minutes of talking I've had hot women invite me to their room. A flight attendant I met on the beach I went straight to her hotel and room. I've had women kiss me, grope me, gasp, scream like a boy band fan, give me their #'s and all kinds of crazy things within the first three minutes because I remain
relationally independent.

I'm not thrown off by their power or social status and it triggers their natural attraction response to me when they see that I'm not 'responding' to their stimulus of beauty. I'm closest to sex at all times because I don't give my power away like other men do around
sexy women.

Don't you deserve this same ability? You were born with it; some things just got in the way and covered it up.

It's going to take some advanced training because you have to be physiologically conditioned in the proper sexual relational dynamic, but you can do it. Find out more about Alpha Relational Dynamics so that you can
live the lifestyle you deserve.

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